Bernie Sanders and the Great Leap of Faith

In Kill Bill 2, our heroine is buried in a coffin 6 feet under and we know there is no realistic way for her to escape.  So what does director Quentin Tarantino do?  An interlude to years of hard training under martial arts master Pai Mei.  After this interlude our heroine remembers her training and uses her martial arts skills to break the coffin!  Now all she has to do is to somehow shift the ungainly large planks she has fractured out of the way, keep the dirt out of her nostrils so she doesn’t suffocate, and dig up 6 feet to get to the surface.  How does Tarantino gonna convince us she can do that?  He doesn’t!!  After she breaks the first piece of the coffin, next thing we see is her surfacing and we take the leap of faith that somehow the middle worked its way out.  Show we air our doubt…she really probably would have suffocated…No!!  Its a goddam movie.  Accept it.

Unfortunately Tarantino is playing on a kind of gullibility we often fall victim too.  People often make judgements such as, George W. Bush has been a conservative all his life so he’ll probably implements some good conservative policies like smaller more efficient government.  What happened instead?  The Department of Homeland Security.

In this year’s election, nowhere is the leap of faith greater than on Bernie Sanders.  Bernie has spent his political career championing  the working man, the little guy – and by all appearance he truly believe he wants to help them.  So shouldn’t it be natural to assume President Bernie would help the working man?  Before you make the leap of faith, maybe you should take a tiny look at his positions.

Bernie’s  ideas on helping the working man involve things like throttling trade and stronger labor protections.  Both are highly suspect.  On trade, even Paul Krugman trying his very best to be conscientiously liberal statesAnd if we go all protectionist, that will shatter the hard-won achievements of 70 years of trade negotiations” .  And if you are conscientious enough to do a little research, you’ll see the argument that protectionism helps workers is a huge leap, and the opposite is probably the case.

Europe has very strong labor protections of the type Sander’s argues for and, probably not coincidentally, double-digit unemployment rates.  Strong labor protections, which make companies reluctant to hire works they can’t fire if things don’t work out, are particularly harmful to those looking for work, such as the young.  Youth unemployment rates are high across Europe, and in Spain and Greece, close to 50%.  Ironic, given the droves of young Americans taking the Bernie leap of faith.   If he does get elected, they’re the ones most likely to feel a very different kind of burn.