What interests me?  History, economics, technology,  flashes of innovation and genius.  I may on occasion, point out some…inaccuracies..in some other expression of though I come across, but always try to do so in a polite and constructive manner ;-)

What do I believe in?  Freedom!  Democracy, free trade, free markets, freedom of expression, freedom from copyright and patents, somewhat less constrictive social arrangement, and loosely-coupled code (yes, i’m a software geek).

Why IndenturedWhaler? Originally this was to be myname.net, but then I decided I wanted the title to be more meaningful, more objective.  After all it’s by me, but not (generally) about me (there are many more interesting things in the world than me).  So after agonizing for a few days, I was sitting to dinner with a friend and his girlfriend, who is from Hawaii. In the course of relating our genealogies, she mentioned her ancestors were Spaniards who had jumped ship in the Aloha State. Why? To escape their lives as….indentured whalers. When we all stopped laughing, I realized that perhaps there is a bit of indentured whaler in all of us. Or something like that.  So there you have it.

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